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Introducing rational sustainability – to ensure nature doesn’t suffer and to deliver the public sustainable alternatives that match or even exceed conventional materials in terms of quality.

We cultivate mycelium, researching, developing and manufacturing materials primarily intended for the construction industry, interior design and the fashion business.

The strength of nature for a sustainable life

People tend to think linearly, while nature works more in circles. We have completed this natural circle, bringing society a small miracle of nature. We at Mykilio do our utmost to make products of at least the same quality as currently available alternatives. We always have a nature-friendly approach in our work, bearing in mind how nature works.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer an innovative solution in line with a sustainable approach, while maintaining current standards. We are confident that a nature-friendly approach to the environment does not mean a product of lower quality. On the contrary, we intend to demonstrate that natural products offer a healthier and higher-quality option.

We wish to offer an alternative to current building materials, substituting them with materials that contain mycelium. Our aim is also to maintain the living standards and comforts that we are used to, at the same time eliminating elements that are harmful nature.

A lower burden on the environment means a better and healthier life for all of us.

Mycelium? A material for
sustainable tomorrows

So, what is the natural product that we use? This product is called “mycelium”, a substance that forms the body of mushrooms. It is a network of fungal cells (known as “hypha”) that grows underground that produces its fruit in the form of mushrooms on the surface. In terms of structure and appearance, such networks are reminiscent of spiders’ webs.

Mycelium is often referred to as “natural glue” thanks to the way it decomposes and then bonds materials in nature. However, mycelium also performs as an excellent bonding agent for materials found outside nature. It is a sustainable alternative for use in construction in the form of insulation, foams, acoustic tiles, textiles, packaging and other materials. The use of mycelium in the construction industry and in interior and fashion design presents an innovative way toward a healthier environment for all of us.

Sterile mycelium

is processed?

1. Moulding

Mycelium is tipped into moulds where it then grows into the required shape. The resulting material is then dried and the surface then undergoes a finishing process (e.g. impregnation, colouring, etc.).

2. Pressing

Flat or moulded mycelium is heated and then pressed into the required shape and density. In this case, two forms of plasticization process are employed – using either a combination of cellulose and lignin, or using chitin which is contained in the cell walls of hypha fibres.

Sterile mycelium

In our products, we mycelium that is sterile and inert. During the production process, we dry and heat the mycelium to a temperature of 80° Celsius (176° Fahrenheit). This temperature is high enough to guarantee that the mycelium is incapable of growing again. Since the part of the fungus that we use in our materials contains no spores that enable reproduction, there is no risk of the mycelia spreading to adjacent structures.

Our products

Biodegradability is common to all Mykilio products. Thanks to various methods of processing and various production process options, we are able to produce materials with a wide range of properties.

Interior design products
An alternative to HDF and MDF
Thermal insulation and soundproofing materials for the construction industry

Finished products

In cooperation with LLEV we shared in the experimental production process of design items made of glass. For all of these products we created a biodegradable material using wood shavings and mycelium.

Psychee váza

Psychee vase

Smooth sklenice

Smooth glasses

Design glasses for smoothies

Innatura skleničky

Innatura glasses

'Innatura' design glasses with an elegant stem

Our Team

Mgr. Matěj Róth

Mgr. Matěj Róth

Chief Executive Officer
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Jakub Seifert

Jakub Seifert

Chief Technical Officer
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